malagasy course

"Manahoana" Malagasy course


Learning the Malagasy language in various contexts, which will result in learners being able to apply their learning in everyday life:

  • Expand vocabularies and expressive skills to target everyday situations
  • Practice skills learned to hold useful conversations in everyday life

Target audience

  • Adults or young beginners
  • Adults or young people who understand Malagasy language but have difficulties speaking
  • Adults or young people who wish to improve their ability to express themselves in Malagasy
  • Tourists or expatriates who wish to understand and express themselves in Malagasy


Learning focusing on everyday life:

  • Speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Cultural insight


  • Knowledge assessment and needs analysis before training
  • Tailor-made training focusing on topics of interest for participants
  • Goal-oriented, active and varied learning through the use of new distance learning technologies
  • Interactive activities
  • Continuous assessment during learning
  • Individual monitoring of learning

Platform used



1 hour per week

Day and time


Please contact us by email to set the training day and time that suit you (except on  Saturdays and Sundays).


Individual, duo, small group lessons … Contact us for a tailored quote.