Customized training language

Customized Language Training

Target audience

  • Adults needing support to learn and achieve command over French and/or German.
  • Businesses offering French and/or German courses to collaborators that recently settled in Switzerland.


Clearly defined educational process:

  • Knowledge self-assessment test at enrolment, followed by a comprehensive analysis of participant needs.
  • System allowing for customizing the training and taking the specificities of individual learners into consideration, in collective and personal dimensions. Ongoing follow-up throughout the training.
  • Clear educational path including a final objective and training milestones.
  • Flexible organization: flexible hours and proximity services (training at the participant’s home or on company premises).
  • Coaching delivered by trainers with certification in adult learning and extensive experience in adult in-service training and refugee and migrant support.
  • Detailed certification at the end of the course.


Customized training in French and German delivered.

  • Daily life-based teaching;
  • FIDE method-based teaching;
  • From beginner to advanced level: A1, A1 adjusted, A2, A2 adjusted, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Venue and date

  • Training delivered at the client’s home or on company premises or E-learning.
  • Flexible hours.

Frequency and duration

  • 2 sessions of 2h30 per week.
  • Duration depending on objectives.

Cost (inclusive of training materials)